1) What is your quotation service?
We will send you our official quotation within 48 hours, If your parts are special, we will send you email to let you know our feedback, but will not over 72 hours.

2) Can you supply sample or prototype service?
Yes, we can make sample or prototype for customers

3) How about you minimum order?
Universal Diamond Blades never give up order because of small qty. We can supply a one off part if required.

4) Do you supply delivery service
Yes, we will plan to deliver to your premises direct or via our awarehouse in the UK we can offer to provide stock and delivery options too.

5) How we arrange payment?
We offer standard trading terms and payment by bank transfer .

6) How soon we can get the shipment?
We will arrange production on receipt of the order , production takes about 4 weeks.

7) Can you provide urgent order service?
Yes, we help a lot of customer to deal with their urgent requirements, please let us know

8) What is your urgent order service?
Its possible we can supply urgent orders in 3 weeks by courier.

9) What is cost for urgent order service?
There may be a premium on the cost for extra shifts and air shipping cost – typically 30% more than normal.

10) How to arrange shipping insurance?
We cover all the shipping insurance.

11) How to place an order.
Either by email in writing or PO attachement to email – we are very flexible.